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The TSWW series of board games, available at, are renowned in the industry and among gamers as the ultimate WWII strategy board games. Characterised by meticulous research and historical accuracy, they have enabled gamers to play out their strategies in worldwide theatres of war for over a decade.

Prototype - Moving units
The working prototype allows moving units and subsequently to attack enemy units within range.

Ranging in scale from smaller regions to massive conflict areas and with “boards” reaching, at their largest, over 500 square feet, the series has thus far been limited to a clientele with enough space and time to invest in these premium products.

The TSWW game series currently sells all over the globe, with market presence in Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Kuwait, Morocco, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, The Netherlands, The United Kingdom, and The United States. Currently the client base consists mostly of professionals, serving and retired military personnel, and a variety of people who have an interest in historical gaming.

This clientele is both high quality and extremely loyal, with repeat business rates around 95% confirming the basic feedback that TSWW is not just a game system, but is a very high quality simulation with substantial replay value. Our clients have frequently expressed interest in e-media and are most excited by the news released so far in relation to this project.

It is anticipated that the e-media product will expand the client base by a factor of 10 – we are aware a significant barrier to entry into the traditional game is cost. We know from discussions with clients that low cost, high value entry to TSWW will be both exciting and heavily subscribed, not just by our existing (and expanding) client base, but by their friends and contacts in the immediate first instance. Full marketing impact will also drive uptake, with our median target being to attract around 100,000 users in the “main stream” conflict gaming community.

Fundamentally, the key element is the move from the mature market into the constantly evolving and expanding 15-45 age group. Success within this area will drive the business over the medium term.

John Bannerman, founder and director of TKC Games Ltd. explains:

“This project will move the TSWW game series firmly into the reach of a younger generation of digitally aware gamers while retaining all of the characteristics which make the series irresistible for existing customers.”

Andrew Allan, co-founder and CTO, further explains:

“The most exciting aspect of this project is the opportunity to bring this immense series of games to a younger generation, at lower cost, while making actual gameplay easier. No longer will a player need to read reams of rules or orders of battle since they will be built into the digital game itself”

The starting point for the project is a previously developed, working and playable prototype that will be re-coded to allow cross-platform gameplay on a range of devices including PCs, tablets and consoles.

The project aims to achieve start-up funding through various public and private sources and hopes to offer very attractive investment paths to private investors through share options in the company.

John Bannerman concludes:

“This is simply an amazing opportunity for us and feels like the culmination of two lifetimes’ work – myself developing a game engine that works combined with Andrew’s decades in the IT industry.”

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