Funding & ROI

Funding for the project is envisaged to come from a number of sources, including but not limited to:

  • Grants
  • Publisher advances
  • Private investment for shares in the company

We are also considering the following:

  • Bank loans
  • Fundingcircle
  • Kickstarter pre-release sales

We hope to be able to raise funding for the development project without resorting to the latter 3 options since we believe there is significant potential in the project given the current clientele and our research that indicates a 99% uptake of our digital product within that clientele.

Currently TSWW board games sell all over the globe, with market presence in Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Kuwait, Morocco, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, The Netherlands, The United Kingdom, and The United States.

It is anticipated that the e-media product will expand the client base by a factor of 100 as we are fully aware of the fact that the barrier to entry into the traditional game is cost.  We know from discussions with clients that low cost, high value entry to TSWW will be both exciting and heavily subscribed, not just by our existing (and expanding) client base, but by their friends and contacts in the immediate first instance. 

Chart of estimated potential revenues based on estimated customer base and module costings.
Estimates based on nominal income. Unit volumes based on typical conflict simulation sales. In game purchases based on 50% penetration (which is very low). No guarantee of revenue is intended by these figures.

Full marketing impact will also drive uptake, with our median target being to attract around 100,000 users in the “main stream” conflict gaming community. Fundamentally, the key element is the move from the mature market into the constantly evolving and expanding 15-45 age group. Success within this area will drive the business over the medium term…

A high-level development plan has been formulated that is based on an optimised organisational structure and takes into account the first 12-15 months of development. We’ve put together costings for a strategic approach to the development, with salaried staff, office premises and similar benefits. Contrasting with this is a lower cost strategic costing based on contacted staff, no office and remote working.

Based on this development plan we have formulated a set of pre-sale products and share purchase options.

Potential Revenues

We have projected the revenue we expect to achieve through the digital project at low, medium and high levels. These will fully depend on the uptake of the game and the marketing effort, along with the quality of the finished product. We have no doubt that very quickly after release we will move from the lower projection towards the medium and with enough success, towards the higher end.

This success will be driven forward by future potential within the product for different styles of gameplay making the system more easy to access, along with the possibility of drilling down into specific battles as a first person combatant. We foresee players forming battalions with their own generals, colonels, captains and lieutenants initiating battles where infantry can affect the outcome of those battles via direct FPS gameplay.

If you’re interested further please contact us for more information or to request access to our full proposal and business plan.